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Innovation Meets Integrity: MySignal and Rasuah Busters Team Up for a Pre-launch Campaign

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – June 24th, 2024 – MySignal, at the forefront of integrating telecommunications with insurance benefits, has partnered with Rasuah Busters for a pre-launch campaign ahead of its introduction in Malaysia. Renowned for its innovative approaches, MySignal is preparing to redefine the mobile experience with the imminent launch of SIGNAL, a series of post-paid mobile plans developed in collaboration with Malaysia’s foremost telecommunications operator.

The pre-launch campaign, themed “Support our fight against corruption with every subscription!”, invites early adopters to register and enjoy enticing benefits such as extra data, waived deposits, and the chance to contribute to anti-corruption efforts with each sign-up. This collaboration underscores MySignal’s commitment not only to innovative technology but also to social responsibility through its partnership with Rasuah Busters.

We are excited to collaborate with Rasuah Busters for this pre-launch campaign,” stated a spokesperson for MySignal. “We are committed to supporting the fight against corruption and actively advocate for reform. Our collaboration with Rasuah Busters underscores our dedication to ethical business practices and transparency. We encourage more companies to join hands with Rasuah Busters to strengthen the collective effort against corruption, ensuring a fair and equitable business environment for all.”

MySignal is scheduled for official launch in July/August 2024 and promises to transform the smartphone user experience in Malaysia. By blending robust telecommunications services with comprehensive insurance coverage — encompassing medical, home, personal accident, and lifestyle protections including outpatient clinical reimbursement —MySignal aims to cater to diverse societal needs without added financial strain.

Dato Hussamuddin Hj Yaacub, Chairman of Rasuah Busters added, “Our collaboration with MySignal represents a pivotal advancement in our anti-corruption mission. We are confident that technology-driven initiatives such as SIGNAL will not only enrich consumer offerings but also play a substantial role in fostering transparency and ethical governance.”

The pre-launch campaign concludes on June 30th, 2024. Interested individuals and businesses are encouraged to visit www.axxess.com.my/mysignal to learn more and register their interest or subscribe today.

About MySignal [www.mysignal.com.my]: 

MySignal Marketing Sdn Bhd (201901003462 / 1312788 – U) (MySignal) is poised to unveil SIGNAL, a range of innovative mobile plans integrating telecommunications with essential insurance benefits. Scheduled for official launch in July/August 2024, MySignal promises to redefine user expectations by offering unmatched value and protection through its innovative SIGNAL plans tailored to individual and corporate needs.


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