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‘Pokémon Collection’ Now Available from Le Creuset

Le Creuset Malaysia (Location: Le Creuset Malaysia Sdn Bhd Suite 33-2, 33rd Floor, Wisma UOA II, No.21, Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur) will release “Pokémon Collection” on 17 July.

MALAYSIA, 26 June 2024 – Le Creuset will release a special collection of Pokémon-inspired kitchenware, including cast iron and stoneware in selected countries and regions from Wednesday, 17 July 2024.

As an icon of “having a good time with friends and family”, Le Creuset has many fans across generations and borders. Pokémon is loved by a wide range of generations around the world, from children to adults.  Universal appeal is now combined with new designs and colors to create items with unique and practical shapes.

A collectible collection that allows families with small children and those who are new to enameled cast iron to enjoy cooking. It is a lineup that plays a role in helping children, food education, and starting conversations during meals, and combines functionality with the world view of Pokémon.

The “Pokémon Collection” will be released in two phases, and will include items inspired by Pokémon, Poké balls, and more.

◾️『Pokémon Collection』 Phase I


Pokémon Rice pot 18cm – Nectar


This delightful pot is adorned with a design inspired by Pikachu, featuring the Nectar color and a print of Pikachu’s tail. The lid boasts a Poké ball motif in relief, enhanced by an iridescent knob that glistens with a Poké Ball icon.


Engineered for efficient heat convection, this pot ensures even heat distribution to each ingredient, making it a versatile addition to any cooking repertoire. Its compact design also makes storage sleek and easy, highlighting the Rice Pot’s unique features.

Pokémon Marmite 22cm – Black with Chrome knob


This sleek black pot features a smooth, shiny, and solid color. The lid is beautifully adorned with line art depicting 23 Pokémon and 4 types of Poké balls, complemented by a radiant iridescent knob.


With its rounded design, the Marmite pot facilitates easy stirring, making it ideal for preparing stews, risottos, and other dishes that require mixing.


Pokémon Classic Kettle Iridescent Knob 1.6L Nectar

This whistle-equipped kettle features a charming sequence of running Pikachu silhouettes, crafted from durable steel with an enamel coating, known as “Enamel on Steel” (EOS). It boasts a distinctive “Nectar” color that hints at electric-type Pokémon, complemented by an iridescent knob that sparkles in rainbow hues.

Designed for efficiency, the kettle’s robust steel body is enhanced with a sleek enamel finish for optimal heat conductivity. It’s practical too, with a whistle that sounds to alert you when the water is boiling, blending functionality with a touch of playfulness. Perfect for adding a whimsical yet practical element to your kitchen.


Pokémon Stacking Mugs 200ml (Set of 5)

Discover our charming set of stacking mugs, each adorned with the iconic silhouettes of Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, and Snorlax. Designed exclusively for this collection, the mugs showcase a fresh silhouette and are offered in five vibrant colors: Palm, Flame, Purest Blue, Nectar, and Bluebell Purple. Perfectly sized at 200ml, these mugs are suited for both kids and adults, featuring a subtle     Poké Ball icon printed on the inside.

Crafted from Le Creuset’s renowned stoneware, these mugs combine exceptional durability with delicate, beautiful design. They are also dishwasher-safe, ensuring both style and practicality for everyday use.

Pokémon Sphere Plate 17cm (Set of 5)

Introducing our captivating set of plates, each adorned with the silhouettes of Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, and Snorlax, complemented by the iconic Poké Ball design. Available in a palette of five colors— Palm, Flame, Purest Blue, Nectar, and Bluebell Purple. —these 17cm plates are ideal for serving and sharing.

Crafted from Le Creuset’s high-quality stoneware, these plates combine exceptional durability with a refined and elegant design. They are also dishwasher-safe, blending practicality with sophisticated style for daily dining and entertaining.

Pokémon Sphere Rice Bowl 11cm (Set of 5)

Continuing the theme from our stacking mugs and sphere plates, these rice bowls showcase the charming silhouettes of Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, and Snorlax. Inside each bowl, a Poké Ball icon adds a playful touch. The bowls come in five vibrant colors: Palm, Flame, Purest Blue, Nectar, and Bluebell Purple, making them versatile for not only serving rice but also soups, cereals, and other dishes.

Crafted from Le Creuset’s robust stoneware, these bowls blend exquisite design with practicality. They are dishwasher-safe, ensuring they are as convenient as they are stylish for everyday dining.


Pokémon Poké ball Tableware Set -White/Carmin 

This elegantly designed set features a 25cm white plate accompanied by a red plate shaped like a Poké ball and a small, round dish resembling the centre button. When the red plate is removed, a charming silhouette of Pikachu is revealed on the white plate beneath. Arrange your main course on the white plate, side dishes on the red, and condiments or garnishes in the centre dish for a perfectly composed one-plate meal.

Made from Le Creuset’s high-quality stoneware, this tableware set not only showcases a refined and attractive design but also offers the practicality of being dishwasher safe, blending durability with effortless style for your dining experiences.


Pokémon Master Ball Tableware Set White/Cassis 

This set draws inspiration from the iconic Master Ball, featuring a purple plate that mimics the top half of the Master Ball, complemented by a small round dish that represents the button, and a white 25cm diameter plate. Serve your main course on the white plate, place side dishes on the purple plate, and use the centre dish for sauces or garnishes to effortlessly create a beautifully arranged meal. When the purple plate is removed, a silhouette of a legendary Pokémon is unveiled on the white plate below.

Made from Le Creuset’s high-quality stoneware, this tableware set combines a refined and beautiful design with the practicality of being dishwasher-safe, ensuring durability and ease for a superior dining experience.


◾️ Pokémon Collection Exclusive Package

The stoneware is designed in the style of a Poké ball, and the enamel on steel (EOS) items are available in a special package with a Pikachu tail design.
* enamel cast iron items remain in standard packaging

◾️ Release Date

Phase 1: Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Phase 2: November 2024 (planned)

◾️ Stores

Le Creuset Malaysia full price stores (Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Mid Valley Megamall & IOI City Mall)

◾️ Pre-order

Prior to the general sale, all “Pokémon Collection” products will be available for pre-order at Le Creuset Mid Valley Megamall full price store from Jun 27 (Thursday) ~ Jul 16 (Tuesday).


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