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Enfagrow A+ MindPro Sets a New Malaysia Book of Records with A.I. Generated Mother’s Day Song

From Left to Right: Amir Rashid (Film Producer, Director of Ampersand Advisory), Majorie (Senior Account Director of Ampersand Advisory), Sandesh Singh (Senior Manager, New Business of Ampersand Advisory), Janice Kiew (Head of Creative Services of Ampersand Advisory), Edwin Yeoh (Malaysia Book of Record Adjudicator), Wong Choy Yee (Country Manager for Malaysia and Singapore at Mead Johnson Nutrition), Chua Mei Xin (Marketing Manager, Nutrition of Enfagrow A+), Crystal Chai (Senior Marketing Executive of Enfagrow A+), Vanitha Mani Thevaratnam (Business Director, PR of Ampersand Advisory), Mila Yusof (PR Executive of Ampersand Advisory), Jackie Ong (Account Manager of Ampersand Advisory).

Record Recognition is a continuation of the Enfagrow A+ MindPro’s Mother’s Day Campaign Uniting the Most Toddlers’ Voices in an A.I. Generated Song, campaigned by Ampersand Advisory

Kuala Lumpur, 10th July 2024 – Enfagrow A+ MindPro continues its Mother’s Day celebration with the prestigious recognition from The Malaysia Book of Records for the “Most Toddlers’ Voices in An A.I. Generated Song”. This remarkable feat highlights the brand’s commitment to pioneering advancements in nutrition and technology to support child development while celebrating the extraordinary journey of motherhood.

The recognition from The Malaysia Book of Records underscores the significance of toddler voices represented among the hundreds of entries submitted for the Enfagrow A+ MindPro A.I. Generated Mother’s Day Song contest, which ran from mid-March to the end of April 2024. Each submission was crafted with love, showcasing unique storytelling of the profound bond between mothers and children, all immortalised in this heartfelt A.I. generated musical composition.

“When we embarked on this campaign to create the A.I. generated Mother’s Day song, we aimed to recognise mothers and their maternal instincts, especially in seeing their child grow healthy and future-ready. We partnered closely with Ampersand Advisory to push the boundaries of the campaign with the A.I. component. This recognition from The Malaysia Book of Records is a double celebration that goes beyond the A.I. generated song; it serves as a testament to the enduring bond between mothers and children, showcasing where love and technology seamlessly intertwine,” expressed Wong Choy Yee, Country Manager for Malaysia and Singapore at Mead Johnson Nutrition.

She adds, “Recognizing the crucial role mothers play in shaping their children’s lives, our ‘A+ Mums Raise A+ Kids’ campaign celebrates these exceptional individuals. By offering a platform to share their unique motherhood journeys through an A.I. generated song, we are able to honour the immeasurable love and sacrifices mothers make daily.”

In addition to their Mother’s Day A.I. generated song, the brand also recognised and awarded nine winners with a personalized ‘Mother and Child’ photoshoot and a family trip to LEGOLAND Malaysia, further enriching their Mother’s Day experience.

“With an overwhelming response of 248 entries, it was extremely difficult to select the final nine deserving winners. However, these nine winners were chosen not only for their creativity but also for capturing the beauty of motherhood and a child’s love in their submissions’, added Choy Yee.

Sandeep Joseph, the CEO and co-founder of Ampersand Advisory, said, “We’re stoked to hit this milestone with our client Enfagrow A+ MindPro. Our Ampersand Advisory team has pioneered the space of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and virtual reality (VR) for brands, and we delight in living at the cutting edge of new technologies and possibilities. Breaking this record highlights the importance of a collaborative relationship between the client and its agency, and we’re grateful for the opportunity and trust given to us by Mead Johnson. We can deliver campaigns that hit business KPIs by pushing the boundaries of the conventional and embracing new ideas and technology. In a world where consumers are scrolling 600 feet of content a day, and where everyone is glued to their phones, our unique emotional storytelling approach and the research our team did in using generative A.I. helped us stand out and connect better with moms. We synthesized unrecognisable, inarticulate sounds of love made by toddlers into a song with words, catchy music and lyrics that tug the heartstrings.”

Enfagrow A+ MindPro has always been dedicated to supporting mothers in this journey by offering innovative nutritional products for children backed by scientific research. Enfagrow A+ MindPro contains a breakthrough ingredient called Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM), which enables faster brain stimulation, hence increasing the child’s brain performance in processing information. This benefit is long-lasting, extending beyond five years, to prepare children to be future-ready and successful with long-term higher mental (IQ) and emotional (EQ) development.

For more information about Enfagrow A+ MindPro and how it can help in your children’s growth and development, please visit https://www.enfagrow.com.my/superior_nutrition. Kindly click this LINK to watch the heartfelt video of Enfagrow A+ MindPro Mother’s Day A.I. Generated Song.


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