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Super instant noodle gets a new look

New design on the right
Singapore’s Super Group has been renewing the packaging design of its consumer products to give them a contemporary look since launching the new logo in January 2013.The global rebranding activity in Malaysia first started with the mainstay coffee products. Now, the rebranding exercise has moved to the next phase to cover less popular products including instant noodle and soybean milk powder.

Super Group new look
The new Super instant noodle packaging design appears to be better than the previous one. The word Super Cup is now more prominent and the use of a better font design has made the product more appealing. Super is not a main player in the Malaysian instant noodle market and only has a small share of the cup noodle segment. Malaysian consumers do not really have a way to relate to Super instant noodle apart from treating Super instant noodle as a cheaper alternative to the more popular Maggi and Mamee cup noodles.
Perhaps the management of Super Group needs to put the instant noodle business in Malaysia under review and devote more money to the instant coffee segment where Super Group is the fourth biggest player after Nestle, OldTown and Power Root.


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