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Buavita introduces coconut water

Buavita Khas Nusantara range comprises coconut water, passion fruit (markisa) and soursop (sirsak)

Unilever’s Buavita launched the Buavita Khas Nusantara range in July 2014 in conjunction with the holy month of Ramadan. The three juices are made from local fruits including coconut, soursop (sirsak) and passion fruit (markisa).

What is unique about the new release is coconut water is now part of the Buavita range, Indonesia’s biggest juice brand. The Buavita is positioned as an energy replenishing drink, thanks to its high potassium and magnesium content. It also helps to restore vitality. The juice is aimed at urban consumers who are active or for those who spend hours outside and in need of something to help them freshen up.

The positioning of Buavita coconut juice is in some respect similar to Hydro Coco, the number one coconut juice in the country – a water to restore vitality and energy.

Hydro Coco “Taste Good, Feel Good”. Makes your body and mind fresh.


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