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Potential for drinkable oat in Malaysia

While in Taiwan, I noticed there is a drinkable cereal by Quaker. The product packaging has just been giving a facelift. The 280ml drink comes in four varieties and the taste is great.

In Indonesia, PT Milko Beverage Industry also has a similar Milko cereal drink. However, I find the drink tastes quite artificial.

Malaysians drink a lot of 3-in-1 cereals such as Nesvita and Nestum. We also consume instant oat meals. The recent beta glucan craze epitomised by Biogrow Oat BG 22 also led to the introducing of a range of new products with added beta glucan that acts as a cholesterol-controlling agent. 

My initial thought is there is surely a market for drinkable oat in Malaysia as a meal replacement. Cost wise, the Quaker drinkable oat is priced at TWD25 (RM2.9) in convenience stores in Taiwan. The price range of RM 2-3 is acceptable as a soya bean drink in a 7-11 in Malaysia is about RM 1.5 to 2. If you eat with a sweet bun, it is an additional RM 0.9 to 1. Hopefully, we will be getting something similar to Quaker in Malaysia soon.
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