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Carbonated Soft Drink: Est now widely available in traditional trade, foodservice channels

Phase one penetration of Est carbonated soft drink into the sundry shop and the foodservice channels in Malaysia is proceeding well. Est posters and the actual products can now be easily seen in these premises.

F&N Beverages Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd engaged in product sampling activity in conjunction with the Balik Kampung road safety campaign organised in partnership with the Automotive Association of Malaysia (AAM) and Touch ‘n Go. A total of 200,000 cans of free Est were given to motorists in July 2015. myCola is officially dead and has now been replaced by Est.

Unlike Coca-Cola’s strategy of engaging consumers at the modern retail channel eg 7-Eleven convenience store with RM 1 promotion and sampling at modern supermarkets and hypermarkets, F&N is generating demand through the peripherals to gauge consumer response. There is a possibility Est will only move into the modern retail outlets in the later stage once strong demand is seen or will it remain outside of the modern retail channel?
At the moment, it appears Est is using the same approach of myCola where it avoided the modern retail channel, which tends to charge a high listing fee. The question is will Est be able to compete with Coca-Cola’s preemptive move of placing RM 1 PET bottle drink in the traditional trade channel. In the convenience store channel, Coca-Cola has the 250ml slim can priced at RM 1.50 at 7-Eleven for those looking for an affordable drink or portion control. The normal 325ml can is priced at RM 2.15.

Another development:

F&N’s Oishi RTD tea will now come in the 300ml tin format. The existing product is sold in 380ml PET.


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