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Smaller Nescafe Latte Caramel encourages trial

I have previously mentioned about using sachet to improve affordability and trial in a blog post dated 24 May 2015. Back then, Power Root was selling the Per’l Cafe Premium Gold Coffee Drink with Oligofructose & Collagen in a pack of three sachets.

The concept is being repeated by Nescafe for the Latte Caramel, launched in mid-2014. The instant 3-in-1 coffee now comes in a pack of five sticks to improve affordability and trial. The existing pack comes with 20 sachets. The price for the 5-stick pack at Cold Storage is RM3.99, while the 20-pack is RM13.5 (promo price at RM11.99). Latte Caramel is a non-bitter coffee targeting non-coffee drinkers and this is where the trial factor comes in.

The five-sachet packaging retains all aspect of packaging design, which makes it more ideal than the three-sachet pack of Power Root Per’l Cafe Premium Gold Coffee Drink where the sachet is sold in a clear, transparent plastic pack.

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