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New fresh look for Goodday milk

Gooddday, a brand of Etika Dairies Sdn Bhd now owned by Asahi Group Holdings Ltd, now has a new fresher packaging design for its range of UHT and fresh milk. The photo above shows the new packaging design is on the left, while the old design is on the right.The new design comes on the heels of rival Dutch Lady and Farm Fresh’s new look. The focus of the new Goodday design is to highlight the freshness of the milk with images of dairy cows roaming freely on the plains. There is also a logo saying the milk is sourced from Australia, which denotes quality, and a logo in the shape of Australia with the statement “UHT recombined milk.”

Rival Dutch Lady also has a similar ‘fresh’  positioning through the new Pure Farm but with a focus on heritage – “140 years of Dutch dairy expertise helps us produce great milk.”

Dutch Lady focusing on heritage

The picture below shows how the new Goodday packaging design compares against the new Dutch Lady Pure Farm design. I’ll let the readers determine which packaging stands out.

The Goodday UHT Low Fat Milk (6x250ml) is priced at RM9.50, compared with the Dutch Lady Pure Farm UHT Milk Low Fat Milk (6x200ml) selling at a price of RM 9.65.


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