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Trade show report: 11th Tastefully Food & Beverage Expo (First Edition)

Part one of Tastefully Food & Beverage Expo, Malaysia’s biggest food and beverage expo, ended on 20 December 2015. The turnout was huge as shoppers turned out in trove for the bargains. The prices of the food and beverage products were exceptionally cheap. For example, seven Popmie cup noodles were only selling for a dirt cheap price of RM5. Unlike the formal trade show, Tastefully is a platform for brands to reach out directly to consumers. The expo attracted a predominately Chinese audience. There was even one stall selling Chinese sausage made from pork therefore halal was not the main concern, which you will not find in other trade shows.

The key themes at the 11th edition of Tastefully are:
– Convenience: ready to eat pasta, cooking sauce and paste, instant dessert (Bean & Beans)
– Ginger:  Local Bentong ginger and Taiwanese ginger tea
– Good for you: virgin coconut oil, oat milk, sesame, hazelnut and millet milk powder, organic food, gluten free, tea seed oil (苦茶油)
– Coconut: ice cream and coconut water
– Coffee: Different types of white coffee (durian flavoured, peppermint & stevia-sweetened – Papparich white coffee)
– Honey: Functional honey, honey drink

– Juice: Nutmeg, 100% fruit juice smoothie

Here are some of the interesting products at Tastefully.

Bean & Beans 
Instant dessert

NeuVco Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Toothpaste
– Free from fluroide, saccharine, parabens, tricolosan and is suitable for vegetarian.

LOHAS Korean Kimchi
– Imported and distributed by Eco Action Sdn Bhd. Ingredients – Chinese cabbage, chilli, cayenne pepper, fructose, sea salt, rice vinegar and black sesame oil. Notice, there is no fish sauce.

LOHAS Beetroot Oat Milk
– Imported and distributed by Eco Action Sdn Bhd.

Nourish Asia
– millet milk powder, walnut & hazelnut power, brown rice and herbs, 5 grains powder etc.

Borggardens Pasta
– Can be microwave. Made in Italy. Now available in leading supermarkets.

Juice Bank
– By Sofresh Marketing Sdn Bhd. Comprising 100% fresh juice – orange, soursop, mango and nutmeg drink (Penang specialty)

Nutmeg drink

 Nourishe (100% juice smoothie)
– www.nourishe.com.my

Pure Heaven Juice

Laverland Crunch Korean Seaweed Snack
– By Manjun distributed by KMT Trading Sdn Bhd. Made in Korea

Yummi House Bee Drop Drink
– From Singapore. Made from natural wild honey

Farm Fresh new Junior cultured milk 
– Made from fresh milk. Also comes in low sugar variety

New Zealand Sheep Milk Co Milk Powder
– Made for NZ Sheep Milk Co by Blue River Dairy LP – http://nzsheepmilk.co.nz/

Moo Cow Fresh Yogurt Drink

Image from Sunshinekelly.com

Bifido Probiotic Gummy
– From Taiwan and distributed by Bao Thye Sdn Bhd

Cheffaro authentic Malaysian cuisine paste
– By Es FoodBentong ginger
Alpine Ginger Malaysia Sdn Bhd
– Ginger powder and Gingerlab anti-hair loss
Its new products include Traditional Handmade Ginger Golden Nuggets (Ready to eat delicious natural healthy snack that helps reduce bloated stomach wind), Ginger King Black Soy Powder ( 2 in 1 special blend consist of our famous Ginger King Powder & fresh roasted ground Black Soy bringing all the natural goodness of Bentong ginger plus Black soybean benefits kidney and spleen), Alpine Dried Ginger Slice (Convenient, easy to store, long lasting dried Bentong gingers. Ideal for busy people, it’s fast & easy just soak it then add into your cooking such as steaming, stew, boiling soup & stir fry) and Traditional Handmade Alpine Ginger Garlic Herbal Tonic (Prevention & treatment of cardiovascular& cerebrovascular diseases).

Bentong Ginger Honey
Distributed by Borneo Acacia (www.borneoacacia.com)

Taiwanese ginger tea (姜母茶)
– Very popular lately and all imported from Taiwan.

Coconut ice cream 
– Sangkaya – 31 outlets in Malaysia

Freuzts ice cream
 – ‘Taste of real fruit’
– Watermelon, banana and orange flavour

Coconut water
– Karta

– Cowa– Malee Tropica CoconutBaby food and cereal bar

– Xongdur Baby and Grainny cereal bar from Thailand

True Lemon drink
– Crystallised lemon for tea, water and recipe from the US.


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