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Praktis-ing to move up the value chain

Praktis, an Indonesian word translated as practical in English, is one of the packaging trends for food and beverage  in Indonesia. The word practical has the meaning of convenience and easy to use.

Indomilk UHT 1L milk now comes with an improved closure with better protection against slipping . The existing 1L format features only a lid.

An innovation by Frisian Flag in 2015 in the condensed milk space was the new can with lid. All you need to do is “klik”, “tarik (pull)” and “tuang (pour).”

Kino’s Cap Kaki Tiga herbal drink, traditionally used to cool down the body, introduced a new on-the-go pack in 350ml PET bottle at the end of 2015.


The new 350ml format offers better grip but is priced at a premium on a per volume basis compared with the existing 200ml and 500ml format.

These examples show how Indonesian brands are “praktis-ing” their packaging to move up the value chain (premiumisation) and to create a new opportunity for brand engagement.


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