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Mini Me Insights plagiarised by popular newsletter !

It has come to my notice lately that my blog piece on Calpis has been plagiarised by a renown Singapore-based industry newsletter. The newsletter has ‘cut and pasted’ a lot of my texts without even bother to reshuffle the sentences. In that article, I used some of the information from Nikkei Asian Review, which I have clearly sourced and attributed to the Japanese news agency. However, this is not an excuse to plagiarise my original analysis.

After several email exchanges with the editor of the newsletter, all I got was the final acknowledgement that ‘some’ of the information comes from my blog:

According to MiniMe Insights, a popular blog compiled through latest storecheck data, in Malaysia, Calpis is using the taglines “First ever cultured milk brand in Japan”, “since 1919″,”fat free” and “good for the tummy” as cues to promote the new 500ml and 1 litre Calpis”

Hey, aren’t the sentences taken direct from my original blog post?


Here are other examples of plagiarism:

Click here for the URL

The statement “…. will appeal to female consumers looking for permissible indulgence” was not mentioned by the company spokesperson. It was yours truly who said it.

To the newsletter, please redeem yourself by stop practicing plagiarism.

To all readers and users, you need to acknowledge the blog – Mini Me Insights – whenever you use data from this site and don’t plagiarise.


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