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Keep your Home Spotlessly Clean and Pet Fur-Free with Samsung Jet™ Portable Vacuum Cleaners

While it is already demanding to keep the house tidy, pet owners would understand the additional headache of keeping their fur babies in check. The one downside of owning a pet – most of them shed. While taking a lint roller to your clothes, couch, and pillows get the job done, the floors and furniture require a more powerful approach that can accommodate a heavy shedder –– especially when the statics kicks in –– be light on the hands to easily move around the house, and gets the job done well at every turn.

It is tempting to think that a super powerful vacuum is the ultimate solution. Ultimately, the best vacuum for pet hair may not necessarily be the one with power but should instead be with the right factors to match every pet and owner’s needs to tackle the most stubborn fur. Here is how to identify a good vacuum to shave off that pet fur problem from your to-do list:

  • Strong Suction

Most vacuums offer solid suction, but vacuums for pet hair are even tougher and more powerful, meaning they can deliver stronger suction to suck up fur wherever it is hiding, on any surfaces, and corners of the house.

  • Effective Filters and Dust Cups

Vacuums for pet hair tend to feature more effective filters and large dust cups so that they can trap and collect dust as well as all kinds of allergens. From loose fur to the allergens that pets can bring into the home, most of these specialized vacuums are pros at filtering out contaminants, dirt, and more.

  • Suitable for All Floors and Materials

Pet hair can get anywhere, and most vacuums for pet hair can offer excellent versatility. These vacuums can tackle all kinds of floors and surfaces, including carpeting, hardwood, tile, upholstery, and more.

  • Equipped with Special Accessories and Features

Vacuums that are specifically designed to tackle pet hair tend to have specialized attachments, tools, and bristles that will help you to eliminate fur on all types of surfaces. From crevice tools to brushes to rubber mixed in with vacuum bristles, these extras work harder.

Fur-Free with Samsung Jet™ Portable Vacuum

To help consumers with this problem, Samsung has introduced the Samsung Jet™, a cordless stick vacuum cleaner series that offers powerful suction power, lightweight and designed to deliver a hygienic solution. The Samsung Jet™ is equipped with industry-leading suction power and a Multi-layered Filtration System. This unique system in Samsung Jet™ minimizes the amount of dust or pet furs that escape back out through the exhaust during cleaning.


Other unique and innovative features that come with the Samsung Jet™ includes:

  • Hygienic Dustbin Disposal

Users can easily remove the device’s dustbin and wash it after emptying to remove the remaining dust. The internal rotating drum located by the vacuum cleaner’s head is also detachable. With just one click, you can fully clean your vacuum for its next run.

  • Long-Lasting Performance

Jet 90 Premium equipped with a high-capacity battery that lasts up to 60 minutes[1] on a full charge, it also comes with a spare battery[2] which users can take advantage of for up to 120 minutes of power to clean all your pet fur and other dust!

Easy and Hygienic Dustbin Cleaning Solution with Clean Station™

Empty your dustbin in a more convenient way with Clean Station™ that does the job for you automatically, without having to separate the pipe or the cyclone by hand –– simply detach and place the dustbin on top of the Clean Station™. Thanks to its air-tight design, it prevents ultrafine dust from scattering back into the air, making it 400 times more hygienic than conventional dustbins[3]. With our Air Pulse Technology, the pulsating air current shakes off dust inside the dustbin to ensure that dust are removed effectively.[4]


With the right vacuum on hand, there is more time to focus on loving your fur babies. Having a clean surface and air also helps to keep everyone at home in better health, away from potential allergens triggers. Samsung Jet™ vacuum cleaner is the perfect home solution for pet owners and even for those with dust bunnies hiding at the corners.

For more information about Samsung Jet™ and Clean Station™ you can click on these links: https://www.samsung.com/my/vacuum-cleaners/stick/ and


[1] Fine dust emission level tested when emptying the dustbin. Based on PM10 concentration (µg/m3), the maximum level is compared with the Samsung VC7000. Based on UL tests. Results may vary depending on individual use.

[2] Results may vary depending on individual use. Dust and hair stuck inside the grille may not be removed with a single cycle.

[3] Stated run time applies to the minimum power level with a non-motorized tool attached.

[4] An extra battery will be sold separately as an accessory.


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