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Inflight menu provides brand visibility for new products

Airline’s inflight menu can be a good way to introduce consumers to the latest F&B offerings.
I was on an AirAsia X flight to South Korea’s second largest city Busan in March 2015. The inflight menu not only had the usual F&B but also the latest products such as Calpis Cultured Milk Drink Mango Flavour and Uncle Saba’s Poppadom.

However,  passengers would normally go for something that they are more familiar with such as a an of Coke or a Maggi instant noodle as the cost of trying something new can be quite expensive on the plane. But products featuring on the inflight menu does improve brand visibility. Some passengers have nothing to do but browsing the inflight magazines and inflight menu to look for something interesting during the long flight. If the product is interesting enough, it would have an imprint on their mind and perhaps prompt them to make the purchase while shopping in the grocery store.


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