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Minute Maid Pulpy maximises ‘shaking’ ritual for marketing

Coca-Cola’s Minute Maid Pulpy has been coming up with a lot of different marketing ideas to highlight the product key characteristic – orange pulp. Recently, Minute Maid in Malaysia is recycling a marketing campaign used in Indonesia in 2015. The latest campaign “Goncang untuk mengalami kenikmatan sari pulpa oren daripada Minute Maid Pulpy hari ini! (shake to experience the orange pulp from Minute Maid Pulpy today!) encourages consumers to ‘shake’ the Minute Maid drink as a wake me up and cheer me up.

7-11 Malaysia

Shake and you will become energetic

TVC screenshots from Minute Maid Malaysia FB site

In 2014, Minute Maid encouraged consumers in China to shake the Minute Maid in a traditional Chinese New Year greeting gesture so that you can easily achieve what you want in life including love and career.

Each brand has its own ritual (i.e. iconic Oreo dunk). We will continue to be seeing the Minute Maid Pulpy continued to be associated with the ‘shaking’ ritual in the future.


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