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When herbal tea meets Angry Birds

JDB partners with Angry Birds. Appointing Red as the World's No Internal Body Heat Ambassador

What would you do when you feel you are as angry as Angry Bird? Drink Jia Duo Bao (JDB) herbal tea!

Herbal tea to relieve anger & stress
Anger management and stress relieving through drinking herbal tea has become a new marketing message for JDB to attract a generation of young consumers who are into things that are lovely and cute or ‘mai meng’ (卖萌).

angry bird

On 9 May 2016, JDB will launch four limited-edition Angry Birds JDB collections on JD.com. The four designs features four types of internal heat caused by staying up late (熬夜),  working over time (加班), stuck in the traffic jam (堵车) or angry at something without an apparent reason (无名). All these feelings will result in the accumulation of internal body heat and this can be doused off by drinking JDB herbal tea.

Combating ‘Wu Ming Huo’ 大战无名火

wuming huo

Users can participate in a game on WeChat to douse anger caused by being angry at something or someone without an apparent reason (无名火).

WuminghuoProtecting the islands from 无名火 (Wu Ming Huo) using Jia Duo Bao herbal tea as a weapon.


Dousing off the 无名火 (Wu Ming Huo) represented by the angry pigs using Jia Duo Bao herbal tea

Wuminghuo 3

The author has eliminated five ‘Wu Ming Huo


Herbal tea is big business in China

JDB sold RMB 22 billion worth of herbal tea in 2015, while Wong Lo Kat was reported to have achieve sales of approximately RMB 23 billion. Dali Foods posted herbal tea sales of RMB 2.6 billion in 2015. The estimated combines sales of the three herbal tea behemoths stood at RMB 47.6 billion in 2015 or USD 7.3 billion.



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