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Natural energy drinks from China, Malaysia and Indonesia

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Energy drinks in Malaysia and China are embracing the natural trend.

Revive Plant-based Energy Drink

In China, Uni-President has released its first energy drink 唤醒 Huan Xing and positioning it as a plant-based energy drink (植物能量饮料). The key ingredients are Elder Flower (接骨木花) from Austria, green coffee (绿咖啡) from Brazil, ginseng (人参) from China and Maca (玛咖) from Peru. Each 286ml can contains 30g of caffeine, 0.8g of Maca powder and 0.4g of ginseng.

Ingredient revive
Ingredients from around the world

The choice of green and the word ‘Nature Lab’ on the closure sends out a strong ‘natural’ message for the new product.

revive china

Revive is a premium product with a price tag of RMB 19.9 (USD 3). As a comparison, a can of Red Bull (250ml) is only selling for RMB 5.8.

Vitamin C and Mangosteen Energy Drink

In Malaysia, Drive M7 energy drink has introduced two new variants – Hyper Lemon and Exotic Mangosteen.

Drive Vit C

Hyper Lemon contains 1,000mg of vitamin C along with vitamin B group (B2, B3 and B6). It also has sodium to maintain fluid balance in the body.

Exotic mangosteen
With chlorophyll

Hyper Mangosteen is less sweet and has the mangosteen flavour. In addition to the mangosteen flavour, the energy drink contains chlorophyll to provide the benefits as an antioxidants.

The two Drive M7 drinks contain D-gluconolactone, taurine, inositol and caffeine.

Sido Muncul’s natural energy powdered drink

Indonesia’s Sido Muncul, known for its traditional Indonesian herbal drink jamu has announced the release of KukuBima Ener-G! Herbal dan Tolak Linu Mint on 17 June 2016.

KukuBima Ener-G! Herbal comes in the form of a sachet. The company claimed it is the first herbal energy drink. KukuBima Ener-G! contains green coffee, ginseng, royal jelly, sugar and stevia. Tolak Linu is a a liquid herbal medicine for relieve of stiff and painful joints.


Maca is a trending ingredient in China. In Malaysia, the awareness about maca is low to non-existent. In all the three markets, ginseng are widely known for its energy boosting and medicinal properties. The different taste profile and consumer behaviour of the three markets show how Revive, Drive M7 and KukuBima are adapting to what consumers think are natural in the two markets.


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