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We are one big happy cow family

Image of Dee Dee the Cow from Goodday Facebook page

Dee Dee the Cow of Malaysia’s Goodday Milk is not alone in the cow’s world. In fact, he has friends who are much like himself (or rather look like him) working in the milk industry as mascots.

Presenting you Dee Dee and Friends:

Dee Dee and friends

Dee Dee and its dairy friends are issued with the standard cowbell to remind them of their job as brand ambassadors. With the exception of Marigold, all of them need to have a horn be it small or large to show they have the confidence and of course, they need to have the natural friendly smile. Say cheese!

On a happy note, Marigold has renewed its packaging to feature a cow facing the camera.

Marigold old
Old Marigold packaging
New packaging
New packaging


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