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Pepsi celebrates Raya with emojis

Pepsi does not have special packaging for Raya but for 2016, it is using emoticon to spread the festive joy. On each pack of 1.5L are different emojis featuring the different ethnicity of Malaysia and festive motifs.

Here are a few pictures of 1.5L pack emojis.

Raya emoji (left) and Chinese girl (right)
Emoji of ketupat  (left) and Chinese girl (right). Ketupat is a dumpling made from rice packed in a container of woven palm leaf pouch (Wikipedia).
Indian girl (left) and Sarawak/Sabah tribe (right)
Indian girl (left) and Sarawak/Sabah tribe (right)

On emojis on the 500ml packaging are similar to the ones on the 425ml pack.

500ml Pepsi
500ml Pepsi in 7-Eleven

The ‘Say it with Pepsi’ strategy of Pepsi is to first launch the emoticon bottles in the new 425ml pack through the 99 Speedmart minimart chain. The second phase saw the introduction of the emoticon 500ml PET bottle through 7-Eleven and the emoticon 1.5L PET bottle through the hypermarket chain.


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