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Maggi premium Royale range adds Thai White Seafood Tom Yum

Nestle’s Maggi Royale journey continues with the latest Thai White Seafood Tom Yum. The premium Royale range currently comprises Asian noodle dishes from the region including Malaysia (Peanang Seafood Curry, Johor Seafood Laksa and Sarawak Sambal Laksa), Korea (Korean Spicy Braised Beef) and Thailand (Thai White Seafood Tum Yum).

Co-created by Thai Cuisine Master

Thai chef

The new Maggi Royale Thai White Seafood Tum Yum is ‘co-created by Chef Wandee Na Songkhla, a Thai Cuisine Master, who is recognized by His Majesty the King of Thailand’. This is the first time the Royale range is turning to a chef to come up with a co-creation to improve the noodle’s authenticity. Maggi’s competitor Mamee has already turned to local Chef Ismail for its Chef Gold Recipe featuring the Mi Tarik technology to provide the noodle with a better texture.

mamee chef tarik

This is how the new Maggi Thai White Seafood Tom Yam actually looks like on the shelf.

Maggi Thai actual pack

Improve authenticity using Thai language in social media postMaggi thai languageMaggi did something unique on its Malaysia Facebook page by introducing the new Thai noodle in Thai.

‘You Buy, We Cook’

The same approach of ‘You But, We Cook’ is employed to promote the new noodle in store. Buy purchasing a pack of the new noodle, Maggi will cook it in store with fresh premium ingredients.

Premium pricing

The new Maggi Thai Seafood Tum Yum is priced above the RM 8 level with the 4x88g pack priced at RM 8.25 (USD 2). As a comparison, the Maggi Royale Penang Seafood Curry comes with a price tag of RM 8.31 per 4x91g and RM 8.31 for the Maggi Royale Korea Spicy Beef per 4x82g.


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