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Snickers ‘Hunger killing’ Olympic style in China

In China, Snickers has brought to life a new version of the ‘hunger killing’ global positioning for the Rio Olympics. The new Snickers features seven parodical messages such as ‘all 100 shots missed the mark’ (百发不中) and ‘slippery hand’ (黄油手).

“Slippery hands’ and ‘missing the mark’

The main message is hunger makes you the laughing stock in the sporting area. If you are competing in the rifle event and are feeling hungry, all your shots would have missed the mark.

100 marks
Images from Socialbeta.com

If you are the goalkeeper, hunger would make you fail to prevent all the balls from becoming a goal for the opponent. At the end, you will be known as ‘buttery hand’ or ‘slippery hand’ (黄油手)

Images from Socialbeta.com
Images from Socialbeta.com

Other five parodical messages

Snickers 2

The other 5 messages include ‘giving away points’ (送分童子), ‘own mistake’ (送乌龙) and ‘soft-legged crab’ (软脚蟹), which literary means namby-pamby, a person who is spineless without much determination.

‘Soft-legged crab’
Soft-legged crab
Soft-legged crab

Defeat your hunger, kick-ass in sports

kick ass

You can kill hunger and reverse this unlucky situation by consuming Snickers, which can give you the extra energy boost.

after snickers

Strong localised ‘Kill hunger’ message

Snickers’ ‘kill hunger’ message is strong and is adaptable for different situation. In early 2016, Snickers collaborated with TFBoys, a popular teenage pop band, to address the lack of energy during examination. The key message was Snickers could help you stay alert and get rid of all the things that affected your study preparation including ‘avatar devil’ (阿烦达) that made you felt ‘frustrated’ (烦).

Snickers exam

The localised ‘hunger killing’ message has helped Snickers to resonate with Chinese consumers in areas that mattered the most including examination and staying in peak performance. This effective communication ensured success for Snickers in China.


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