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Rezeem Successfully Rolled out New Website Design in 2019

A press release by Rezeem, an online coupons and deals aggregator in the Middle East

By the turn of this decade, Middle East is expected to see the highest rate of growth in the online retail sales. The major growth drivers of this would be the people interest in e-commerce and increasing internet accessibility in the regions. However, the Middle East still has some open room for growth in the coupon industry. In order to fill the gap of interaction between the people & e-commerce stores, Rezeem entered into the market as a coupon website few months before. The surpassing increase in the people interest and the extraordinary work that Rezeem is doing got a cumulative growth in the coupon industry in a short period.

November 2018, The Kick Starter for Rezeem

Singles Day, Black Friday & Cyber Week proved to be the biggest barriers to trigger in the industry as a startup and that is what exactly came true for Rezeem. November gave a breakthrough point to reach people with the exclusive pages and the continuous updations. This is what noted around 30% Overall traffic growth. The boost started with the retail therapy that Chinese got in the form of Singles day and it continued till the end of November covering Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales with the exclusive Noon coupons and the amazing offers available from other stores.

Mobile Reach, Represents Significant Growth

In this high e-commerce era, it is must for one to go better than the flow and there is no doubt saying that Rezeem started with the same thought. Considering the mobile penetration & people interest to choose the mobile-friendly portals, Rezeem prioritized to give a far better experience with a fully responsive and compatible mobile site by offering additionally added features to access everything needed without disturbing the comfort level. Over 62% of users visited Rezeem are noted as mobile users in the November month which is itself a big milestone for the team.

Special Sale Events & Reach in People

The popular month of sales season is started enough early at Rezeem and the team made sure that each and every shopper come down to shop should not miss a single offer that truly gets down their spending. The team added a special page which covers 100’s of offers from multiple stores starting from 11.11(Singles Day), Black Friday to Cyber Monday. Rezeem held back the shoppers with the day to day offers and newly added deals. The site has noticed around 80% of New users to Rezeem on overall traffic in the November month.

Best Performing Stores During the Events

Connecting the physical spaces, Rezeem gave a deeper shopping experience to each and every consumer without missing a single deal of their choice every day in the sales season. Some of the popular online departmental stores such as Souq, Noon, Travel stores like Tajawal, Ejazah & Fashion stores like Ounass, Namshi are the most performed stores and Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates are the well-performed countries in the sales season. It is the known fact that the Middle East is lately adopted the e-commerce but its reach in the people took place at a faster level with the trustworthy stores and most beneficial discounts with Souq coupons, Tajawal offers & other.

Rezeem is Completely in New Design Now

Apart of all the quick facts that the team have shared, one much important thing to share with you is they have rolled out a new and cool design version of your very own website Rezeem. The new design of website maintaining a better interaction and finding the right offer simplified in many ways. With the top-quality services, 10 times faster access, improved features & layouts to make your browsing experience even more friendly, the website is all set ready to giveaway better savings.

The team even shared that visitors can use the search with ease now and finding the exclusive coupons made more identical with the unique badge. If you compare every single element there in the previous design and the present one, in every element starting from banners on home page to the individual coupon representation in the merchant pages, you can observe the new developments and those who browse through specific sources even find it adaptive with the screen resolution either it can be a laptop, tablet, mobile or desktop.

About Rezeem:

Rezeem is a trusted coupons & deals platform in the Middle East, founded in 2018. It is grown to become the go-to place for savings in countable months. Helping to save money is the main motto of Rezeem for which the team get the comprehensive list of coupons, offers & discounts from all popular stores from different countries. Over from 550+ stores, the updated & best beneficial offers ready for you to access anytime & more are in the list to be added. Browsing everything at your comfort level and shopping all that you need within your budget range is accessible now at your fingertips with Rezeem. Start Shopping & Save big!


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