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Sprite promotes ‘Clarity of Mind’ message

Sprite wants consumers to have a clearer mind when ‘teased’ for their shortcoming whether in their sense of fashion, gadget or the way they speak English without the slang.

The key message is ‘atasinya dengan fikiran jelas’ or ‘overcome it with a clarify of mind.’


An example is a clip below about the fashionable (Mat Fesyen) challenging Mat Sprite. At the end, Mat Fesyen couldn’t get the girl because he did not want to make its leather jacket dirty and decided to walk way. Mat Sprite, in the other hand, was willing to sacrifice his jacket and turned it into something that the girl could sit on.


The target audience is young men. Each clip features Mat Sprite (the guy who drinks Sprite) addressing each situation with the clarify of mind without losing to the one who seems to have everything. The situations faced by Mat Sprite ranged from being challenged for not having the latest gadget to confronting someone appeared to be cultured speaking in English with the UK accent.

There are four bottle designs as part of the campaign and are available at 7-Eleven.

Sprite canggih
When challenged by a male with the latest gadgets

Not just in Malaysia but in Vietnam

The message you win not because you are rich or have it all but because you are sincere is repeated in the Sprite TVC in Vietnam. In the TVC, it shows a young male driving a motorcycle competing with another male driving a sports car for a girl waiting at the bus stop. At the end, the old lady gets in the sports car, while the young lady gets a ride on the motorcycle.




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