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Spread the joy and nostalgia with Sasa Sambal Looney Tunes

PT Sasa Inti has unleashed a playful twist on its beloved condiments with the launch of Sasa Sauces featuring the iconic Looney Tunes characters. Bugs Bunny, Tweety, and Taz now grace the packaging of Sasa Sambal Ekstra Pedas, Sambal Asli, and Saus Tomat, injecting a dose of nostalgia and fun into everyday meals.

This playful collaboration goes beyond packaging. Consumers can unlock a promo on Tokopedia by using the new Sasa Sambal Looney Tunes filter, making social media engagement a delicious adventure. Sasa is also encouraging foodservice operators to spread the joy with Sasa Sambal Looney Tunes, offering a delightful option for both adults and children alike.

“As a brand that has been present in Indonesia for a long time, SASA is committed to not only provide healthy products, but also products that bring joy to consumers’ daily lives, one of which is through SASA Sambal Looney Tunes. There is a child in all of us: We all carry a part of our childhood within us, no matter our age. This childlike spirit is often the source of our creativity, imagination, and joy. If you’re a curious adult looking to rediscover the lost child within, there are many benefits to tapping into your inner child. This is our contribution as an Indonesian product that continues to innovate and spread happiness.” said Albert Dinata, the marketing director of SASA.


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