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Vintage 7Up rekindling nostalgia, Pepsi embraces slim can

The 7Up limited-edition vintage cans have arrived in Malaysia after making rounds in other countries. Carbonated soft drink companies have a few common tricks up their sleeves to drive sales and these include packaging size (i.e. slim can), limited edition, formulation (i.e. stevia) and new packaging design.

This time, 7Up has chosen limited edition with the release of the new vintage cans. There are a lot more designs in the vintage range but only one design was spotted at KK Mart and that was the 1960s Dude design. Back then, 7Up was calling itself the “uncola” with the slogan “Drink Un Anytime.”


Finally, Pepsi goes for slim can


The 7Up vintage can signals the start of PepsiCo in Malaysia embracing the slim can. Aside from 7Up, all the beverages of Etika, the bottler of PepsiCo, are now available in slim can. The latest development means the two cola companies in Malaysia have all finally switched to slim can, a trending packaging format offering space/cost savings and improving brand image to attract younger consumers.


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