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Celebrate International Coffee Month with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Kuala Lumpur, 30 September 2021 – To the uninitiated, coffee is just… coffee. However, for those who simply can’t imagine their day without the invigorating whiff of a good brew and that first sip that drives away mental cobwebs, coffee is liquid gold. In fact, it may surprise you to know that, in some parts of the world, coffee beans were once accepted as currency.

No one appreciates the worth of coffee more than The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® (CB&TL). Since its inception in 1963, CB&TL has championed quality coffee, all the way from the lofty mountaintops where we source our beans, to the familiar countertops where you pick up your favourite beverage. Each type of bean, whether it comes from East Africa, Latin America or the Pacific, is selected from the top 1% of Arabica beans. Sourced from small farms and private estates that sit up to 6,000 feet above sea level, CB&TL works directly with growers, ensuring fair pricing for them and developing relationships that benefit the entire community.

Our Signature Espresso is a blend of beans from five different origins, combined to create a full-bodied, aromatic espresso shot, with each origin possessing its own unique characteristics. They are then roasted individually in small batches to preserve the quality and intensity of each orgin’s aroma and flavour before combining to create the final blend.

The result? A Signature Espresso that delivers a rich, satisfying brew every single time.

We are also pleased to offer Kahawa 28 beverages, made from the unique Tanzanian Peaberry, a rare species that grows as a single bean. This single origin brew allows you to fully experience its unique characteristics, which includes an aromatic jasmine scent and hints of chocolate and blackcurrant.

“The right brew – made from quality beans that are roasted to the right degree to optimise its flavour – can do wonders. It can lift your spirits and turn your whole day around, and connect coffee lovers in a special way. That’s what we do at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, and why we continually invest in sourcing the best beans we can find,” said Fiona Rodrigues, Head of Sales & Marketing, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Malaysia. “This month, let us bring you that most important element – the human touch – so you can enjoy handcrafted beverages that deliver a deeply satisfying experience.”

To celebrate International Coffee Month with CB&TL, we offer up a full-blown tribute to the amazing coffee bean. For the entire month of October, choose from our specially-curated Fully Caffeinated Menu, crafted around our Signature Espresso, with a specially-created Espresso Whipped Cream for an extra hit of delicious flavour. It’s also a great time to try our limited-edition Hazelnut Charcoal that can be enjoyed hot, cold or Ice Blended®.

For more details on everything good for coffee lovers, visit the CB&TL Instagram account @coffeebeanMY or website www.coffeebean.com.my for the full menu. You’ll also find some great bundle deals that are available for a limited time only, at all CB&TL operating outlets; collect them personally using the Leaf With Me pick-up platform, or get them delivered via your trusty Grabfood and Foodpanda riders.

For more information about CB&TL’s latest offerings, news and promotions, visit the CB&TL Facebook page, www.facebook.com/CBTLMalaysiaPage or the CB&TL Instagram account @coffeebeanMY, or their website www.coffeebean.com.my.



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