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Pizza Hut Unveils its New Store Concept: “Pizza & Bar” to Attract Foreign Tourists

Phuket, Thailand – 21 November 2023: Pizza Hut 1150, the global pizza brand under the management of PH Capital in collaboration with Craze Café has recently introduced its new store concept called “Pizza & Bar”, the first branch in Thailand and Asia and the second branch in the world, to attract domestic and international tourists.

The first branch of Pizza & Bar in Thailand is located on the first floor, The Garden Zone of Jungceylon Shopping Center in Phuket. It opens from 11.00 to 22.00 daily. Customers will enjoy a variety of signature menus created by Chef Aof – Natawoot Thammaphan, The Iron Chef Thailand. Meanwhile, it would be more delicious and tasty when eating pizza with creative drinks by Craze Café such as Fruit smoothies, Cocktails, beers, and coffee with a variety of beans to choose from, including Kenya AA Top Pica, Brazilian Bahia, Barrel Age, including Longa menus such as Ice Longano which will be served only at this Pizza & Bar restaurant.

Mr. Kamolsut Dabbaransi, Senior Vice President and President of Thoresen Thai Agencies (TTA) said, “The new store concept ‘Pizza and Bar’ was launched for the first time in Peru which received a fantastic response from customers. Pizza Hut Thailand foresees a great opportunity to introduce this store concept in Thailand and Jungceylon Shopping Center in Phuket, with a number of annual tourists up to 17 million, is the perfect location.

The Pizza & Bar restaurant here have indoor and outdoor space to accommodate customers conveniently. The special menus by the famous Chef Aof ready to make customers mouthwatering include Fresh Spaghetti Carbonara, Fresh Spicy Spaghetti, Spaghetti Bolognese, Spicy Chicken Steak, Pork Chop, BBQ Pork Ribs, and many more, couple with extraordinary drinks by Craze Café. Certainly, the ‘Pizza and Bar’, an exclusive place with a delightful and cheerful atmosphere will receive a warm welcome from customers in Phuket and tourists from around the world”.

Currently, there are 185 branches of Pizza Hut in Thailand. The new ‘Pizza and Bar’ located on the 1st Floor, The Garden Zone, in Jungceylon Shopping Center at Patong is the 6th branch of Pizza Hut in Phuket. Customers can update the details about activities, news, and additional promotions of Pizza Hut at www.pizzahut.co.th and the Pizza Hut Application, the only app that pizza lovers must have. Easy to order, Fast delivery and hot everywhere. Download it at Google Play and APP Store today onwards.


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