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SIAL Interfood 2016: New MEGcheddar Slice from Snow Brand

PT Megmilk Snow Brand Indonesia, a joint venture between local Rodamas Group and Japan’s Megmilk Snow Brand, has introduced the new MEGcheddar Slice at SIAL Interfood 2016.

It marks the diversification into the slice cheese segment from block cheese. The consumer pack comes in two packaging options – 3 slices (51g) and 8 slices (136g), while the foodservice pack contains 20 slices (340g).


The major difference between the new MEGcheddar Slice and Prochiz (PT Mulia Boga Raya) and Kraft is the number of slices in each pack. MEGcheddar Slice is 3 and 8 slices, while Prochiz and Kraft is 5 and 10 slices. The weight per slice is the same at 17g for all the three brands Kraft, Prochiz and MEGcheddar.

The price is not available for MEGcheddar at the time of writing. By going for the 3 slice per pack, it is possible that MEGcheddar will have a lower price and this will make the slice cheese more affordable for the masses.


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