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Snickers first aid kit for hunger

Rescue Pack

Snickers is extending its global “Hunger” marketing campaign with the Hunger Rescue Pack in Indonesia. Each box, which looks like a first aid kit to heal hunger, contains 4 bars weighing 51g each. The product is described as “Pertolongan Pertama Saat Lo Laper” or  “first aid when you feel hungry”.

New stick pack – 21.5g


Apart from the new Rescue Pack, Snickers is also available in the new stick pack in 21.5g. The 21.5g pack is described a “Kecil Kecil Jago Nahan Laper,” which is literally translated as a champion in controlling hunger even though it is small in size.

Three Snickers sizes


Snickers comes in three different sizes in Indonesia – 21.5g (IDR 4,000), 51g (IDR 8,200) and 70g (IDR 10,900). The prices are as per Alfamart.  The 2x Snickers (70g) is for sharing.


Little Hungry


In Malaysia, Snickers is available in a mini pack of 8x10g to combat hunger even if you are feeling a little hungry.


The hunger marketing still has a lot of room to grow especially with consumers now focusing on portion control but still want to keep hunger in check.


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