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Yomp Super Bowl with real meat competes in niche bowl segment

Heated competition between Bakmi Mewah and Indomie Real Meat

With competition between Bakmi Mewah and Indomie Real Meat becomes increasingly heated in social media and on the ground. Lurking in the undercurrent is a third contender – ABC Yomp Super Bowl, the first bowl noodle in Indonesia with real meat.


Pack dominates instant noodles sales

Mayora’s Bakmi Mewah was the first to come up with the premium real meat concept in late 2015, followed Indomie Real Meat in early 2016. Both are instant noodles in pack, which is the biggest segment. Cup/bowl, on the other hand, is the smallest of the two.

Yomp goes for differentiation


PT ABC President Indonesia, a joint venture between local PT ABC Central Food and Taiwan’s Uni-President Enterprises Corporation, avoided the competition in the crowded pack segment by focusing on the convenient, ready-to-eat bowl market.

Launched in August 2016, Yomp Super Bowl comes in two flavours – Chicken Curry and Chicken and Mushroom.


The author reviewed the Chicken Curry noodle. What amazes me is the retort pouch contains not only real meat but also real potato pieces.



Real potato pieces (image above captured by the author)

Real meat pieces

Real meat pieces (image above captured by the author)

Longest in diametre

Yomp Superbowl claims to have the longest diametre – 15cm – making it the largest bowl noodle in Indonesia.


Brand activation


Yomp Super Bowl participated in Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2016 to reach out to anime fans who are also young adults, a key market for cup/bowl noodle. The company also introduced the Yomp Foodtruck, which travelled around the Jabodetabek metropolitan region including Jakarta and Depok distributing free noodles to encourage trial. (image above from Yomp official Facebook page)


Widely distributed

Yomp Super Bowl is widely distributed and is available in the leading retail outlets including Alfamart, 7-Eleven, Indomaret and Carrefour.


Overshadowed by Bakmi Mewah, Indomie Real Meat

Yomp Super Bowl is overshadowed by Bakmi Mewah and Indomie Real Meat. Apparently, ABC President Indonesia did not spent on creating a TV commercial for Yomp. Most of the clips about Yomp were user generated contents with the company counting on social media influencers to spread it though word-of-mouth.


At Carrefour, Mangga Dua, August 2016

Images above were captured by the author at Carrefour, Mangga Dua, August 2016


Premiumising the category

All three instant noodles with real meat show the key players are premiumising the instant noodle market. With volume consumption slowing down as consumers now have more alternative, selling more expensive instant noodles with better quality is the way forward not only to sustain value growth but to keep consumer engaged with the category.


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