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Drinkable Dutchie Greek Style Yoghurt launched

Dutchie Greek Style Yoghurt, Thailand’s first drinkable Greek yoghurt has been launched by Dutch Mill Co., Ltd. The 160g drinkable yoghurt is available in vanilla, kiwi apple and cherry berry. It comes with 10g of protein, whey protein and 2g of milk fat for kiwi apple and vanilla and 2.5g of milk fat for cherry berry. The Dutchie Greek Yoghurt has to be stored at a temperature of 2-5°C.

Dutch Mill introduced the Greek style yoghurt in cup in 2015 focusing on adults who need the extra protein for their workout routine.

For the female audience, Dutch Mill has the existing Dutchie Bio spoonable yoghurt with duo probiotics LGG and B. lactis protecting them against infection and promoting gut health.

Still no ambient drinkable Greek yoghurt

In Thailand, drinkable Greek yoghurt innovation is still very much concentrated on chilled yogurt and not yet in the ambient category.

In China, the dairy power house Yili has introduced two products under its Ambrosial UHT Greek yoghurt, which was first launched at the end of 2014. The new Ambrosial UHT Greek yoghurt (安慕希高端颗粒型黄桃燕麦) comes with peach and oat bits and is available in a Tetra Top with a twist closure.

The latest Ambrosial UHT Greek yoghurt product is stored in a PET bottle akin to the shape of the Greek column.

In China, ambient drinkable Greek yoghurt is positioned as a lifestyle drink but in Thailand, the spoonable and ambient drinkable Greek yoghurt is aimed at the fitness and active lifestlye market.



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