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Goodday Milk in latest twist – perfect skin from drinking milk

Can you get perfect skin from drinking milk? Well the latest television commercial by Goodday Milk, the number one pasteurised fresh milk in Malaysia, suggests so.

“Protein in milk has always been good for skin. Always will be. Good then. Good Now. Goodday.”


Even the prehistoric human is drinking milk to make their skin always flawless. The secret is milk. This is a signature out-of-the-box marketing by the super-creative team at Etika Group.

The second clip sets the scene in a supermarket 10,000 year ago where Susan and Josh were in a big surprise – Little Timmy.


This Little Timmy is no ordinary child. He is super tall and strong, thanks to the goodness of milk.

“Milk always been good for healthy growth. Always will be. Good then. Good Now. Goodday.”

What Mini Me thinks

After Japan’s Asahi Group Holdings acquired the dairies and packaging business of Etika Dairies Sdn Bhd in 2014, Asahi’s unit Permanis started to devote resources to upgrade the brand image of Goodday. Permanis Sandilands Sdn Bhd and Etika International Holdings merged in 2016 to create the Etika Group of Companies.

It started with the upgrade of the Goodday packaging at the end of 2015 and the introduction of Dee Dee the Cow as the new mascot. Now, Goodday is using creative advertisement to convey the benefits of milk – strong bone and flawless skin – with the tagline “Good Then. Good Now” to encourage not only the young to drink milk but also for adults to start picking up the habit of drinking milk again.



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