Home Country Philippines San Miguel goes for sustainability by dropping Purewater bottled water line

San Miguel goes for sustainability by dropping Purewater bottled water line

Food and beverage companies in Southeast Asia are increasingly taking their own initiative to become more environmental friendly or ethical in their production. Such measures were implemented even before major public outcry or government regulations.

San Miguel to stop Purewater bottled water line

One example is the Philippines conglomerate San Miguel Corp (SMC) announcing in September 2017 that it would discontinue its plastic bottled water line Purewater. This would effectively means the company is exiting the bottled water business, which comes under its San Miguel Brewery Inc unit.

Forgo bottled water to achieve long-term sustainability

SMC President and Chief Operating Officer Ramon Ang said “the plastic bottled water business has given us good returns, but we are choosing to forego it in favor of our long-term sustainability goals.”

Focusing on filtration technology

SMC is diverting its resources to higher value added filtration technology to be deployed during disasters to provide safe drinking water to affected households.

Plastic waste issue

Plastic waste is a major issue for the Philippines. According to a 2015 study by the Science Journal, the country is the world’s third biggest plastic waste producer with 1.88 million metric tons of mismanaged waste per year, reported CNN Philippines.

No material impact to SMC

The bottled water business is insignificant for SMC as Purewater is only a minor player in the industry.


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