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H2 Genetron melinjo flour from Kalbe Farma unveiled at TEI 2017

PT Kalbe Farma Tbk has showcased its latest product – Melinjo (Gnetum gnemon) flour at Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) 2017. The flour, native to Indonesia, is sold under Kalbe’s H2 Food Series featuring natural food for healthy living. The H2 series also comprises Health and beauty wellness products that come under the H2 Health & Happiness series, while wellness food for weight loss program is included under H2 Partner.

Melinjo flour used in traditional Indonesian cuisine

Gnetum gnemon, also known in Indonesia as melinjo, is native to Indonesia and other southeast Asian countries (Malaysia and the Philippines) as well as in the western Pacific Ocean islands and in India (Assam and Mizoram). In Indonesia, melinjo is used to make the traditional snack emping, a bite-size snack kripik cracker, which has a slight bitter taste. Melinjo can also be added into vegetable dishes or fried.

H2 Food

The H2 Food range comprises natural food such as instant cocoa, coconut sugar, coconut flour and the latest Gnetum gnemon flour. The instant cocoa, coconut sugar and coconut flour were launched in January 2017.

The H2 Genetron is Gnetum gnemon flour is made from selected melinjo seeds that come from Yogyakarta. The flour is good for making cakes, biscuits and bread. Based on a serving size of 100g, the flour contains 520mg of potassium, 25mg of sodium, 71g of total carbohydrate, 17g of dietary fiber, 13g of protein and 2g of total fat.

The magnesium meets 25% of daily needs based on a 2,150 calorie diet, while phosphor meets 30% of the daily needs.

This product is aimed at the local as well as the Japanese market as there is a growing awareness about its beneficial properties especially in Japan.

The H2 Genetron is manufactured by PT Sukses Abadi Farmindo in Tangerang.

Mini Me takeaway

Indonesian companies are increasingly recognising and commercisalising health food and supplement based on local food ingredients, targeting for both the domestic and international markets.

*Image of emping from Emping Melinjo Sidoarjo; product photos taken by the author at TEI 2017


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