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Fitchips multigrain snacks with quinoa debuts

The Fitbar snack bar maker Indonesia’s Kalbe Farma has branched out into multigrain snacks with the soft launch of Fitchips Honey BBQ and Seaweed in June 2017.

The multigrain chips do not contain MSG, perservatives, colouring and artificial sweetener. It is packed with oat, quinoa, whole wheat and corn.

The wavy shaped Fitchips (60g) offers consumers with a healthier alternative to crisps. The sodium content in each serving is 125mg and sugar is 1g per serving.

Fitchips is available at Ranch Market, Foodmart, Gelael, Hypermart, Yogya, Diamond Supermarket and Farmers Market.

The new MSG-free chips may force other chips/crisps players to reconsider their formulation to incorporate not just taste innovation (spiciness or new flavour) but also clean label.


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