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Fonterra bets on Anlene new position to reboot growth

Fonterra Brands Thailand has started the “We Are More” campaign in Thailand, reported The Bangkok Post on 21 February 2018. The goal is to broaden the consumer base to include those in their 20s to 80s rather than above 50 years old. This will be made possible with the new product Anlene MoveMax, which was launched in the market in late 2017 to promote healthy muscles, joints and bones for improved mobility.

Anlene MoveMax was previously launched in Malaysia in 2016 and in Indonesia in 2017.

Set to enjoy higher growth

In Thailand, Fonterra has set a growth target of 3-4 times higher than the 5% growth rate achieved in recent years. This would bring the average annual sales growth of 15% to 20% in the coming three years.

New ambassador to attract younger generation

Sarunrat “Lydia” Deane will serve as brand ambassador to attract the younger generation.






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