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Brandcode the ultimate grocery app that rewards shoppers

FMCG marketeers and brand owners want to have access to the latest real-time data about their customers and their sales performance. There are tools out there that track consumers through consumer and shopper tracking panel but the data is not available to customers on a real time basis. There is another set of data – retail audit data but it is often expensive and out of reach to most brand owners. These retail audit data assesses brand performance but it does not address the consumer shopping journey.

Learning about consumers through grocery receipt

FMCG brands do not have access to all their retailers’ database and this is hindering them from understand their shoppers fully. This has changed as companies discover the power of grocery shopping receipts. Brands can actually learn more about their shoppers though receipt data.

As shoppers send in their receipts and the data is captured in the database, brands can understand the basket size, time of purchase, location, what else purchased and this data is across all retailers including online.

Loyalty modal

We have seen Snapcart entering Singapore in early 2018 after launching in Indonesia and the Philippines. However, Snapcart is purely collecting receipts and analysing the receipts for shopper data. Operating differently using the loyalty modal is Brandcode. Launched in Malaysia and Singapore, it is the only app in the two countries that mines the shopper data and incentives the shoppers with loyalty points (double points for participating brands or products). The loyalty modal allows brands to establish a more direct customer relationship and help brands to target shoppers better.

Through Brandcode, the extra loyalty points can help marketers lure consumers away from competing brands. To become eligible for the double points, shoppers are required to highlight the participating product. By highlighting the product manually on the receipt, it strengthens the shoppers’ association of the product marked with 2x points as one that offers better value. For value seekers, the 2x points encourages them to shift from the current product to another that gives them more points. Results from Brandcode have demonstrated the power of extra points in influencing consumers to make the change in their choices.

Regular campaigns to reward users

Brandcode also runs regular activities and campaigns to interact with users and helping brand owners to recruit members. For example, users are encouraged to snap and vote for the top pet to win pet food hamper. This contest allows Brandcode to target these users with pet food promotions. In a collaboration with Disposable Soft Goods (M) Sdn Bhd, the maker of Pet Pet disposable nappies, users who join the PetPet Lovely Baby Club will receive 20,000 points to redeem for goodies. The PetPet promotion provides the disposable nappy maker with a venue to recruit new members for their loyalty program.

Benefits of Brandcode for brand owners

With Brandcode, brand owners can do the following things:

Path to purchase – Understand and identify the triggers and the influences that affect the choices consumers made for their actual purchase.

Complementary categories – Understand other products that consumers purchase to provide opportunities for cross-category promotion.

Customer profiling – Understand the shoppers by demographic and places of purchase to develop better shopper segmentation for targeted promotion

Speak to shoppers – Using activities and campaigns, brand owners can speak to shoppers through the app.

Channel buying behaviour – Understand and identify where consumers shop the most and how they shop differently in other environment.

Powered by Fusionex

BrandCode is powered by Fusionex, an established multi-award winning IT software group specialising in analytics and big data. With Fusionex on board as the technology partner, BrandCode will be able to harness the strength of Fusionex in data analytics to give brand owners a better understanding about their consumers.

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