Home Country Indonesia Indonesian, Malaysian dairy companies embrace gamification

Indonesian, Malaysian dairy companies embrace gamification

Indonesian dairy companies are adding gamification to their packaging to improve consumer interaction. Frisian Flag Indonesia has created a board game for its limited edition Frisian Flag Incredibles 2 pack. The Incredibles 2 characters needed for the board game are found at the back of the packaging.

Another dairy company Indomilk has embraced augmented reality (AR) for its Indomilk Asian Games series. To play, users need to download the Indomilk Fun AR app and scan the packaging to play. The app has so far attracted 500,000+ downloads on Google Play with a rating of 3.8 out of 5 as of mid-September 2018. However, the key issue with the app as highlighted by users is the poor connectivity.

In Malaysia, children can see their favourite characters come alive by scanning the packaging of the Dutch Lady Milky using the Disney Color and Play” from Play Store/App Store.The Tetra Pak 2017 Index has higlighted the importance of augmented reality and other digital technology in packaging. Alexandre Carvalho, Director Marketing Services at Tetra Pak said: “The digital package gives brand owners a direct link to the consumer through an important communication channel – the product itself.” The Indomilk AR is a reflection of the future direction of food packaging not just in Indonesia but in other parts of the world.


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