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Fiber Water now comes in lemon cucumber flavour

Image from Nature's Spring

Philippine Spring Water Resources, the maker of Nature’s Spring, has added lemon cucumber flavour to its Fiber Water range. Fiber Water is also available in unflavored version. Some consumers reckon the unflavored version tastes just like water and cannot feel the difference.

By introducing a flavored version, it at least makes the fibre-infused drink not only palatable but also provides a point of differentiation to improve the uptake of Fiber Water, which contains wheat dextrin, a soluble dietary fibre. Wheat dextrin helps with digestion.

The company has appointed influencer-entrepreneur Nico Bolzico as the brand ambassador of Nature’s Spring Fiber Water. It has also produced a short clip to explain the functions and benefits of drinking fiber water in layman’s term.

Fiber Water (500ml) is priced at PHP 25.


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