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OT Group launches Tango Drink Velluto

Image from Tango

The indulgent chocolate drink has not lost its lustre in Indonesia. After GarudaFood unveiled Chocolatos chocolate drink in 2018 and PT Sekawan Karsa Mulia Jakarta with its Dynakat Dark Chocolate Drink around 2018, it is now the turn of OT Group to unveil Tango Drink Velluto. Tango is OT Group’s best-selling wafer brand.

Tango Drink Velluto Italian Chocolate with Malt marks the extension of the Tango wafer brand into the RTD drink category. Rival wafer brand Nabati has the Nabati Combo comprising Nabati wafer and instant chocolate powder in one product. It is not surprising to see further cross-category expansion by brands as they search for new consumption occasions.



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