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CP Meiji x Au Bon Pain with Boba Lactose Free

Milk tea is so popular these days in Southeast Asia. Consumers are prioritising their spending on milk tea at the expense of other food and drink products including dairy, which is an ingredient in milk tea. However, there are some consumers who are lactose intolerance.

In Thailand, CP Meiji has partnered with Au Bon Pain (ABP), a fast casual restaurant, bakery and café chain, to tap into the milk tea craze as well as offering a solution for those with an intolerant to lactose. The collaboration sees the dairy company jointly introducing Boba Lactose Free with ABP. The partnership is also meant to popularise and promote CP Meiji’s lactose-free milk, which was launched in 2018.

The Boba Lactose Free range comprises the following

  • Lychee Rose Cold Brew Tea
  • Boba Earl Grey
  • Brown Sugar Boba


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