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LiHO embraces oat milk

Image from LiHO

Oat milk has gained popularity in the West driven by Oatly and is a choice for barista. The oat milk trend is spreading to Singapore as well. Now, local milk tea chain LiHO has introduced Taro Oat Latte + Taro Q.

This is how LiHO describes its new creation:

“Oat Milk which carries an oat-y aroma is not only packed with nutrients such as Calcium, Iron and Vitamin A, it also has a creamier texture than normal milk. The slightly nutty taste of Oat Milk combined with our fragrant Taro Paste and Taro Q is a pleasant surprise to the taste buds.”

Consumers can also choose to have the Brown Sugar Pearls Fresh Milk + Taro Q where the Taro Q is mixed with brown sugar pearls. There is an option to change to oat milk.

Image from LiHo


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