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Vinamilk introduces roasted rice milk

Image from VInamilk

Vinamilk has introduced an interesting plant-based drink using rice as the ingredient. The new Vinamilk Zori is a roasted rice milk with less sugar containing 49% rice extract, water, sugar (3.5%), non-dairy creamer, emulsifiers, artificial roasted rice flavour and vitamins (A, B1, B3, E and D3).

Vinamilk Zori is less in sugar and low in fat. The drink is said to be good for the body and skin.

On a per 100ml serving, Vinamilk Zori (450ml) is considered low in protein at less than 0.5g, energy at 44.5kcal and carbohydrate at 10g.

The retail price of a pack of 4 x Vinamilk Zori is VND 31,900 (USD 1.37).


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