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The easy choice, Tip-Top provides the key ingredient for wonderful meals at home!

January 21, 2022 – As home cooks look to kick off the year 2022 with new nutritious offerings for their families, C-Joy – Cargill Philippines’ joint venture with Jollibee –launches Tip-Top’s “Easy and Tasty®”, a selection of healthy and flavorful chicken.

“We want to celebrate the year 2022 with new innovations and optimism as we continue to serve and provide safe, nutritious and sustainable food through bringing an all new selection of the premium chicken brand Tip-Top to the country.” Said Mija Cu-Cachapero, C-Joy’s Commercial Director.

Tip-Top Chicken originated in 1958 as a family business serving roasted and fried chicken in Nicaragua and has grown since then. Today, Tip-Top’s “The Easy Choice!” Chicken is the perfect choice for novice cooks and new parents alike and is available worldwide. With the option of taking home fresh or flavored, home cooks are able to create different recipes and use a variety of cooking methods to produce versatile dishes.

Tip-Top Chicken is also available for purchase in premium quality choice cuts of drumstick, wings, breast, thigh and as a whole fiesta size dressed chicken or the selection of “Easy and Tasty®”, a marinated version that makes preparing delicious meals for families a lot easier. It is already seasoned with flavors like “hot & spicy” and coming this April, sweet BBQ, allowing beginner cooks to deliver restaurant-grade meals from the comfort of their home kitchens.

Tip-Top Chicken is manufactured in tip-top shape in the C-Joy Plant in Sto. Tomas, Batangas. The facility has been accredited by the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) as an AAA Production Facility – the highest accreditation of its kind. Under the supervision of C-Joy, customers are assured to receive products that are developed through sustainable and safe manufacturing as it undergoes Cargill’s standard of production. Don’t miss out on Tip-Top’s The Easy Choice Chicken products and head to your favorite supermarkets, FrozenMNL and Zagana. It is also offered in local wet markets, meat shops and ‘Tip-Top-preneurs’ community resellers.


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