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Coconut water as a platform for fibre

Cocomax Fibre. Image by Minimeinsights.com

Thailand’s Asiatic Agro Industry Co., Ltd., the maker of Cocomax, has introduced Cocomax Coconut Water with Fibre (Cocomax Fibre) to tap into consumer interest in digestive health. Each 350ml bottle contains 99% coconut water and 1% fibre (3,500mg) from inulin.

The coconut water has no added preservatives and no added sugar. The sweetness comes from coconut, not sugar. Cocomax Fibre has the Healthier Choice logo on the packaging.

Coconut water naturally contains fibre but consumers rarely associate coconut water with digestive health. Adding fibre into the coconut water helps make consumers aware they can also supplement their fibre need by consuming coconut water as an alternative to fiber-enriched juices or water.


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