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New Yoforia Crunch & Creamy stir yogurt with interesting toppings including Rainbow Crunch

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PT Prima Lakto Sehat, the maker of Yoforia, will be rolling out its latest stir yogurt Yoforia Crunch & Creamy into the Indonesian market soon. The new product marks the entry of Yoforia into the stir yogurt segment.

Yoforia Crunch & Creamy stands out in the market with its five novel and interesting toppings:

  • Rainbow Crumb (crunchy rainbow butter cake and rice crispy)
  • Rice Crispy Matcha (green tea matcha with rice crispy and honey)
  • Fruity Loops (colorful ring-shaped sweet cereal)
  • Coffee Granola (coffee sensation with rice crispy, rolled oat and honey)
  • Cookies Crumb

Yoforia Crunch & Creamy is described as “FunTasteThick!” “offering smooth, thick, buttery stir yogurt with creamy taste, 2x protein, live probiotics and dietary fibre that will indulge your taste bud and keep your gut healthy.” Each Yoforia Crunch & Creamy comes with a disposable spoon to make it convenient for consumers eating on the go.

The company has recently moved into the fermented milk space with Activ8 as it sensed opportunity in the category following the entry of more players such as Mengniu’s YoyiC, said PT Prima Lakto Sehat Director Iwan Santoso during SIAL Interfood 2019.

At the moment, the top player in fermented milk is Yakult, which derived 18% of its total global sales volume in 2018 from Indonesia. Even though Yakult sold 5.3 million bottles a day in Indonesia, the market penetration in the country is still only at 2.65%, which signifies further room to grow in the market. The entry of Yoforia and YoyiC will help further expand the market for fermented milk.

Activ8 differentiates from Yakult by selling in a bigger pack at 170ml compared to Yakult’s 65ml.

All of Yoforia’s products including its yogurt drinks are chilled. The company does have the capability to produce ambient, shelf-stable dairy products, said Iwan.


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