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Kraft Heinz APAC Exports Unveils Its Ingredients for Success, Aiming for A Strong Growth In 5 Years and Be “The Best Food Company, Growing A Better World”

Mr. Joao Leitao, Managing Director of ASEAN, India, Hong Kong and APAC Exports

6 March 2020 Bangkok – Heinz Thailand Limited, the holding company of the “Kraft Heinz” brand and a globally renowned food company that serves the world more than 150 years, is making progress in expanding its business throughout the APAC region with the vision to be “The Best Food Company, Growing a Better World.”

Mr. Joao Leitao, Managing Director of ASEAN, India, Hong Kong and APAC Exports, stated that “the Business Unit was set up with the responsibility to manage and to grow double-digits Kraft Heinz’s operations within Southeast Asia, as well as India, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Exports business of its Asian portfolio to the United States and European countries. The company’s subsidiaries include worldwide favorite brands like Heinz & Kraft, Lea & Perrins, and Indonesian market’s best-selling ABC and New Zealand market’s best-selling Watties.

We have contemplated that the food market has been persistently growing, especially in the so-called “Kitchen of the World,” Southeast Asia. We treat challenging diversity of the region a prominent opportunity to offer high quality products to all households. Our product portfolio is rounded off by Western sauces like all-time favorite Heinz ketchup, and Eastern sauces like Heinz Oyster and ABC Soy Sauce.”

In a diverse region like Asia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Malaysia are deemed as salient markets for Kraft Heinz, while India, the Philippines, and Vietnam are our vastly growing markets. In Thailand, Kraft Heinz sets its sight on being a top-of-mind brand for Thai consumers. Heinz ketchup is a crucial strategy we adopted to penetrate the market, obtaining a market share of approximately 19% with steady growth year on year. To be able to be relevant to the market, Kraft Heinz launched Heinz Oyster in Thailand and ABC Kicap Manis in Malaysia. Both of the launches also align with Kraft Heinz’s value on Consumer First and Innovation.

As company, we do believe in that “people” are a crucial factor that helps steer the organization to success. Here, we have management principles that will contribute to both business and people, namely “meritocracy”, which aims at recognizing and rewarding people out of their performance and skills. This value encourages people to optimize their capacities to professionally grow and progress in their career paths and bring the organization to mutually reach the highest goal.

Furthermore, Kraft Heinz is a real diverse organization with employees from different nationalities and genders. We also value gender equality having more female leaders than male sitting in senior management positions. On top of that all of them come from diverse backgrounds and 5 different countries. We determined to create pleasant work environment that encourages people in the organization to have respect for other people and work together regardless the differences. We believe that this melting pot environment is our secret ingredients that can help us succeed. concluded Mr. Leitao.


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