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Janice Wong Launches Monthly Subscription Boxes for the Whole Family to Enjoy

March 24, 2020, Singapore – Janice Wong Singapore has launched a new monthly subscription box filled with hands-on activities and sweet treats, conveniently delivered to your doorstep. With many working remotely or now staying at home, the box service is the perfect way to connect with customers and offer something new and playful for the whole family to enjoy.

Each month, customers will receive a surprise box filled with Janice Wong’s much-loved signature products, as well as new and exclusive items not yet available in stores. Janice Wong Singapore has also partnered with Optimo Foods, who specialise in New Zealand products, to offer a range of nutritious treats to complement each monthly offering.

Also included is Janice Wong’s latest initiative, “Bake at Home with Janice Wong”. Bake at Home with Janice Wong cultivates the imagination and creativity by allowing customers to replicate Janice Wong Singapore treats such as chocolate nut spreads and cakes at home. Each box includes a recipe card and everything you need to put together your culinary creations. To inspire creativity, each subscription also includes a set of five Janice Wong chocolate paint jars, two brushes and edible paper and edible chocolate crayons.

Birthday surprises and special “frozen delights” will be featured so that customers can enjoy and sample Janice Wong’s famous array of delicious ice cream flavours. Subscriptions start at a minimum sign up of six months at S$35 per month and half year subscriptions at S$210.

Subscriptions and payment can be made online at https://www.janicewong.online/.


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