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Experiencing AEON Personal Shopper Service

Image by Minimeinsights.com

Due to the long queue, we decided to give the AEON Personal Shopper Service a try on a Saturday afternoon. The process was quick and easy. Just fill in the form including the details of the shopping list. An AEON staff would be there helping you to pick up the products. In our case, the AEON staff was the one who gave us the form and we were able to go through the shopping list with her so that she understood our requirements

Since the requested items totalled only less than 10 SKUs and all of them were fresh vegetables, the entire process took under 10 minutes including payment and waiting.

The AEON Personal Shopping Service is convenient for consumers armed with a shopping list and are only interested in a quick shopping experience. Such service is not suitable for price-sensitive shoppers and those who would like to wander around the aisles looking for products to buy.


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