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Yen Yen Unveils New Product “Yen Yen Supercool”

8 April 2020 Bangkok – Yen Yen, the No.1 ready-to-drink herbal tea in Thailand, announced the launch of its new product “Supercool Jab Liang drink” as a must-try product for the summer season. Boasting the health benefits of 12 herbs and the ultimate refreshment of an innovative cooling effect, Yen Yen Supercool serves as an alternative for consumers who seek an ideal cooling beverage during social distancing amidst the summer heat.

Tan Passakornnatee, President and CEO of Ichitan Group Public Company Limited, said, “In response to the needs of consumers who always seek new experiences when it comes to food and beverage choices, Yen Yen ready-to-drink Jab Liang herbal tea is introducing a new product Yen Yen Supercool to the market this summer. Developed under the concept of ‘Fight Hot and Spicy with Yen Yen,’ the new product combines the benefits of 12 cooling herbs with the properties of cooling down the heat and neutralizing spicy flavors, perfect for the tropical climate in Thailand and Thai consumers’ preference for spicy food. Yen Yen Supercool also bursts with the ultimate cooling effect that provides a refreshing sense even without freezing. This drink is set to become a new option for consumers who seek an escape from heat, stress and dullness while practicing social distancing or working from home to avoid the spread of the novel coronavirus.”

Yen Yen “Supercool Jab Liang drink” comes in the 400 ml bottle with a brand-new blue label design. It is available now at convenience stores and retailers nationwide at the price of 15 baht. Food delivery customers who order from the selected 10 spicy restaurants via Wongnai or LINE MAN on April 1-30 will receive a free Yen Yen Supercool 400 ml, and another bottle will be given to the LINE MAN delivery driver of the order. For more details about Yen Yen Supercool, please visit https://www.facebook.com/yenyendrinks/


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